What can we expect from an After Builders Cleaning Service?

Different renovations like regular repairs, flooring, and painting done inside a home can result in construction debris like paint spots, wood chips, and metal pieces with dust on the floor. Although using a web swab to sweep and wipe can help with cleaning to some extent, some scars and stains on the furniture or base can be very difficult to remove by the normal cleaning methods.

In such a case, it is always suggested to get assistance from a professional cleaning service provider after decoration work or remodeling at home or work area. Services from a professional company like KGK Cleaners will help to remove all the dirt and grime with any stubborn stains and make your home return to its glory. Besides this, there are a number of other services that an after builders cleaning company in London can help you with.


When do you Need an After Builders Cleaning Service?

When we talk about the after builders cleaning service in London, it is specially designed to take care of all the mess that can be left behind after the renovation of a property. This particular service is especially needed when home refurbishments like bathroom or kitchen fitting, new extension knocking down a wall, or general renovation have taken place.

It doesn’t matter how light a property renovation is, as there will always be some dust or debris left behind. Even if it is only varnishing or painting, there are chances that there will be a varnish or paint splash in some places of the home. This is the reason why you need an after builders cleaning service, as you will be able to get rid of numerous headaches.


What are the Two Stages of After Builders Cleaning?

  • Initial Cleaning

This is known to be the primary phase and is normally done midway through the construction of the building. It mostly includes clearing dust and debris from the walking spaces before the installation of the new flooring material. In the end, all the trash is then removed from the property. Normally the first phase is performed by the ones who construct the property, but there are many who hire after builders cleaning service.


  • Final Detailed Cleaning

This is the last cleaning stage of a building site which involves removing any of the construction defects. This particular stage can take a longer time than the initial one because of the amount of work that needs to be done. The cleaners have to perform a thorough cleaning, including kitchen appliances, scrubbing the bathrooms and floors according to their types of surfaces.

It is worth mentioning that there are a number of cleaning firms that don’t include outdoor area cleaning in their service. These areas are the patio, balconies, garage, and veranda. As far as the professional after builders cleaning companies are concerned, they make a clear agreement with the customers about the areas included in their cleaning services before they start offering the services.

Services Offered by After Builders Cleaning Companies

  • Cleaning All the Windows and Doors

Normally, the windows and doors can catch dust and grime from the inside or outside of a house or an office during renovation. It is the duty of the after builders like KGK Cleaners to wipe down all of the doors and windows, along with the skirting, sills, and panes, for removing any stains or dust.

The professional after-build cleaners make sure that if their team is using any of the chemical-based cleaners for wiping the doors and windows, it should not discolor the laminate or wood in any manner.


  • Cleaning the Switches and Cupboards in all the Rooms

If the entire house is renovated or painted, then the cleaners need to scrub the cupboards in the rooms with the rims. It is important to polish the cupboards and wardrobes that have wooden doors, and this can be done with wax to make them attractive and shiny because their sheen is wiped off by the building materials and paint during renovation.

There are times when sockets and switches happen to become clogged because of dust during the renovation process. In such a situation, the after builders cleaning company cleans them with all the appropriate cleaning equipment in order to avoid getting electrocuted.


  • Cleaning and Polishing the Floor

As the after-building cleaning company cleans the cupboards, doors, furniture, and walls, these cleaners in London are also experts in-floor cleaning ways that are used to clear the scars and junk from the floor.

It is worth mentioning that different types of floors need different types of cleaning treatments. Therefore, cleaning companies like KGK Cleaners have all the expertise in cleaning the tiled floor and wood in a house or the office. This way, the former germ-free existence gets restored.


  • Bathroom Cleaning

There are a number of builders cleaning companies that make a big mistake of trying to wash away the construction debris from the bathroom drain, but they are not aware that this can lead to clogging. The professional cleaners make sure that they remove all the leftover dirt and pieces with the help of a vacuum cleaner in the bathroom.

Their next step is to wash the metal fitting and sanitary ware with the help of cleaners that are light-chemical based. This way, they are able to remove any grime and stains before they polish the wooden surfaces.


Choose KGK Cleaners for a Thorough After Builders Cleaning

The KGK Cleaners professional team is fully trained to make sure that no stone remains unturned for their after builders cleaning service. They come with vast experience in the construction industry, which means that they have all the expertise that is required to give top-quality results. KGK is an expert in cleaning the invisible areas, the windows, metal fittings, and scrubbing the floors. Besides this, this London-based company provides deep cleaning, commercial cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, domestic cleaning, while they are also masters in providing professional organizing services.

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