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What's included in factory cleaning?

Factory Cleaning Includes:

Wiping machinery exteriors
Clearing debris from the factory floor
Sweeping or vacuuming all flooring
Mopping hard flooring
Cleaning and restocking toilets
Tidying staff rooms and offices
Kitchen and cafeteria cleaning
Emptying bins
Clearing external walkways and loading bays
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About Factory Cleaning

Our regular factory cleaning service can be booked for daily cleaning, weekly cleaning or anything in between. We have highly rated cleaners available across London to help with any of your factory cleaning needs.

To book factory cleaning, simply fill out our online form to let us know about your space. A member of our commercial cleaning team will give you a call to provide a quote and schedule your clean.

We’ll send the same cleaner – or cleaning team – each time, ensuring that you receive a consistent and reliable 5-star service. After each clean, we’ll bill your preferred payment method and send you an invoice for your records.

During each visit, we’ll thoroughly clean throughout your factory and staff facilities. We’ll ensure that all accessible surfaces in your factory are wiped, including the exterior of machines, and the staff toilets and break rooms will be cleaned and restocked. If you have a kitchen and/or cafeteria, we’ll clean the tables, chairs and food prep areas here. To finish, all flooring throughout the factory and staff areas will be vacuumed, and we’ll mop all hard flooring too.

In addition to standard cleaning tasks, you can request deep cleaning tasks, such as high-level cleaning (for any high shelving, ceilings or skylights) or window cleaning. Upon request, we are also able to arrange professional floor scrubbing services for large-scale factory floor cleaning.

Our London factory cleaning service is completely flexible – you can reschedule, skip and even book in extra cleans through by email .

Our cleaning service is COVID-19 secure; we’ve introduced enhanced cleaning, handwashing and hygiene processes, and we’re taking all reasonable steps to maintain a 2 metre distance during cleans and protective acessories such as gloves, masks and shoe protectors, if requested.

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